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Exit Sensor


The Probe Exit Sensor is the most advanced, single-piece vehicle motion detector on the market today. Its slim, water-tight design makes it a great option for direct burial next to a driveway where it is used to detect a moving vehicle to open a gate, overhead door, or alert home security system. 


The separate Sensitivity Remote Control provides 10 sensitivity settings and can be removed and used for multiple installations, or left in place.

It comes with a 15m lead, a harness, and a jumper.

Part code: AAC-PROBE

Loop kit.jpg

Watch how to use the ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display to simplify installation and set-up of vehicle loop detectors.

Vehicle Detector


The LOOP is plug-in style vehicle detector that is compact and energy-efficient with user-friendly features that simplify set-up.

LOOP has a solid-state output indicating vehicle presence. The second output can be used for presence, loop fault or pulse on entry/pulse on exit. In addition, the LOOP has options for automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), delay, fail-safe/fail-secure and infinite and normal (5 min.) presence.

LOOP is easy to install and operate. Sensitivity selection is simplified by the ULTRAMETER™ display. Ten sensitivity settings allow for finer adjustment, and four frequency selections help to prevent crosstalk in multi-loop applications.

Part codes (2 sizes): AAC-LOOP & AAC-LOOPBIG

magnetic lock.jpg

Magnetic Lock


The Magnetic Gate Lock has a holding force of up to 200kg with IP67 weather resistant with stainless steel body housings. 


This model has dual fixing mounts for a flexible install, built-in varistor surge protection and accepts both 12 and 24VDC. It also features a monitoring “Lock Status Sensor” (LSS). 


The Magnetic Gate Lock has a lifetime warranty.

Part code: AAC-MGL


Digital Timer

Programmable Timers are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. They provide power when it’s required, and turn it off when it’s not.


The 50 programmable memory spaces.


Linear Photocells

Recmio Receiver


Hardwired 2 channels receiver 433 MHz with capacity to store 1000 transmitters and independent assignment for each transmitter and relay.

12v & 24v models.


Reflective Photocell

Comes fitted with Plug & Go connectors for a fast and easy installation. 


Suits all automation.

Part code:

AAC-PHR10 (up to 10m)
AAC-PHR15 (Up to 15m)

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