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Gate System


2-Stage Gate 

Gates to 8m

3-Stage Gate 

Gates to 12m

Engineered for Performance and
Hi-Duty Cycle 

The Ranger telescopic system does not use cables to transmit

drive from one leaf to the next but instead it uses an innovative

ground mounted rack track. This rack track transmits movement

using a system of hidden pinions that connect to the side rack,

motorising the next leaf. The simplicity of the system ensures

that it very easy and rapid to install, remains reliable and requires

very low maintenance.

Why Ranger?


  • Unique rack and pinion drive system on each leaf 

    • No cable maintenance or replacements

    • Secure – high resistance to forced entry

  • Maximum driveway opening size:

    • 2 stage = 8m, 400kg/leaf

    • 3 stage = 12m, 200kg/leaf

  • Low maintenance

  • Installation templates and jigs available

Made in

All Comunello hardware is designed, forged and manufactured in-house, in Italy.

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