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At SEA’s core is manufacturing hydraulic automation products. Being entirely 100% made in-house provides oversight of all component manufacture ensuring absolute quality control.


Reliability, design, high-performance, simplicity are the essence of SEA’s philosophy which has made it possible to exceed market demands and achieve the loyalty of customers throughout over 50 countries.


Today SEA is a respected and growing group with customer service centres located worldwide.

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About us


Hydraulic systems dramatically outperform electromechanical operators in both speed and force. A fundamental feature of hydraulic systems is the ability to apply force or torque without the need for mechanical gears. 


The SEA hydraulic range of operators has been developed and perfected over 25 years. Recent advances in manufacturing have significantly reduced the size and cost of hydraulic systems. Operators can now house the electric motor, controller, and entire hydraulic system all combined into one compact unit. Simplifying the hydraulic system reduced the number of components leading to significantly improved reliability and cost savings. If you’re considered a hydraulic operator, call us for more info.


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